How is Breast Biopsy Done with an Ultrasound

A breast biopsy is a procedure where a very small amount of breast tissue is removed from your body to be examined under a microscope in a laboratory. There are several types of biopsy procedures, and one of the most popular types is the ultrasound-guided one. This procedure deploys the use of sound waves to identify any abnormality in the region. Your doctor might recommend this procedure to you in case he detects abnormalities in the breast area that could be a potential risk for cancer.

How is a breast biopsy done at the clinic?

You might ponder on how breast biopsy is done at the clinic, and it is here that your doctor will guide you on specific instructions that you would need to follow. The procedure will entail you to lie down on your back. The doctor will ask you to keep your arm above your head on the side that the biopsy will be done. The ultrasound will be conducted to detect the region where the abnormality is suspected.

Is the procedure painful for you?

During the whole procedure, you need to lie down very still. There is a slight feeling of pressure, and you could experience mild pain. In case you experience severe or even sharp pain, you should inform your doctor immediately.

After a while, the doctor will use the ultrasound to guide the needle for the procedure into the area that is targeted for the region. The doctor will use a marker for marking the places where the biopsy should be done. This is done primarily for future intervention if required.

The need for a mammogram after the procedure

A mammogram might be recommended to you after the biopsy to check the location of this clip and its changes to the target of the biopsy site. The procedure generally takes about 60 minutes or so. The biopsy results are generally given to your doctor, who will later contact you for discussions.

Benefits of an ultrasound biopsy

An ultrasound biopsy is less invasive than a surgical one. There is no scarring involved in the procedure. You will not be exposed to any sort of radiation as well.

What should you tell your doctor before the procedure?

Before the ultrasound-guided procedure for the breast biopsy, you should inform your doctor about any sort of medication you might be taking at the time. This should also include aspirin and any kind of herbal supplements.

You can also clear your other personal concerns and doubts as to how breast biopsy is done and what you should expect on the day of the procedure. Make sure you do not wear jewelry on the day of the biopsy and wear clothes that are loose and comfortable. Your doctor will hand over a gown to you, and you need to change into it for the procedure. In case you experience mild pain or discomfort, it is prudent for you to bring someone on the day of the appointment. You might need to be driven home after the procedure is done.