Jeffrey Lupient Wife – Constant Inspiration of Motivation and Success

When it comes to accomplishing success and achievements in life, the support of family and loved ones plays a great role. This holds for Jeffrey Lupient, a highly successful motivational speaker, life coach, and businessman. When it comes to his constant source of support and inspiration, he attributes everything he has achieved to his beloved wife, who he claims is the superstar of his life!

Jeffrey Lupient Wife – happily married to an amazing and supportive woman

Jeffrey Lupient wife has been instrumental in his life and business success to such an extent that he praises her wherever he goes. He says he has always had the aspiration and dream of being the CEO of his family business since a young age, and thanks to her presence and dedicated support, he has finally managed to fulfill this dream.

Beginning young

He has been employed with the esteemed and prestigious Lupient Automotive Group that is a family-owned business. He began working in his business specializing in car dealerships at the age of 15 by helping out with odd jobs and tasks in the company. He also has run several errands for his father’s car business dealership, and he joined the business as a full-time employee after college.

His experience with the GMC dealership of his family-based business located in the Golden Valley of Minnesota has helped him learn business nuances well. When he got married to his beloved wife, he started to achieve the success that he always desired in his family business. Her constant presence and source of inspiration have helped him battle all adversities with calm composure. He says that even challenges do not trigger him emotionally in any negative way. His wife keeps him grounded, and thanks to her, he can make the right decisions for the growth, progress, and development of himself and the whole business.

Embarking on a remarkable track record of success

After his professional stint with GMC dealership, he went on to join another wing of his family business- the Infiniti Car Dealership, where he was able to engineer an amazing turnover for the year. He was responsible for bringing their total sales figures back.

His fantastic team of dedicated employees backed him. Due to everyone’s hard and consistent efforts, this car dealership was rewarded with The Infiniti Award of Excellence for three years in a row. (2008-2010). He finally became the President and the CEO of the Lupient Automotive Group that is reputed for its prominent presence in the Rochester area and its multiple regions included in The Twin Cities in Minnesota. Today, his successful business is one of the key authorized sellers of esteemed automotive brands like Chevrolet, GMC, Infiniti, and Nissan.

Jeffrey Lupient wife is a great boon in his life, and he attributes all his success and happiness to her. He is a highly successful businessman and a deep inspiration to many of his peers in the automotive world in the USA today!